Plaintiff on Amulsar Case to Submit Independent Experts' Opinion on Mine EIA

Plaintiff on Amulsar Case to Submit Independent Experts' Opinion on Mine EIA


On 18 April the court hearing on Amulsar mine was held at RA Administrative Court. Reminder: The claim on the cancellation of the permitting documents for Amulsar gold mine has been lodged by 12 residents of Gndevaz Community affected by Amulsar project and 'EcoRight' and 'EcoDar' NGOs. The respondents are RA Nature Protection Ministry and RA Ministry for Infrastructures and Natural Resources, while 'Lydian Armenia' company has been involved as a third party.

The barrister of the plaintiff Hayk Alumyan presented the specialists, who are ready to conduct expert assessment on free-of-charge bases: Armen Saghatelyan, Director of the Center for Econoosphere Studies of NAS RA, Seyran Minasyan, PhD - Senior Researcher at Institute of Chemical Physics of NAS RA, Shahen Khachatryan, PhD, Associate Professor - Head of Chair of Historical and Regional Geology at YSU Faculty of Geography and Geology, and WWF Armenia Director Karen Manvelyan.

'Lydian Armenia' company has submitted objections against the motion on appointing a new expert assessment.

Judge Karen Zarikyan recorded at the moment the court doesn't find that the dispute has been exhausted on the merits of the case and the trial of the case is still in progress.
'If there is any incompliance with the law risen from the private interest, which contains high risks for socio-ecological state, the state shall not permit this project to come true. We are appealing the opinion of the state environmental impact asessment, which haven't been carried out in a competent manner,' said Arthur Grigoryan, representative of the plaintiff, President of 'EcoRight' NGO.

The judge outlined that the court may appoint expert assessment only when the court has doubts on the objectivity of the expert assessment or the incompleteness of the opinion.
Barrister Hayk Alumyan proposed to adourn the trial of the case, so as the plaintiff party can apply and get professional opinion. Independent experts' opinion on the Amulsar EIA shall be submitted at the next court hearing to be held at 11:00 on 15 May.

It should be mentioned that environmentalists also attended this court hearing with posters saying 'Water or Cyanide?' and 'No to Amulsar Mine'.

13:24 April 19, 2017


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