New Court Case on Amulsar Project: Barrister Harutyun Baghdasaryan Sued Lydian Armenia Company

New Court Case on Amulsar Project: Barrister Harutyun Baghdasaryan Sued Lydian Armenia Company


The owner of a land area in Herher community, Vayots Dzor Region, Barrister Harutyun Baghdasaryan has lodged a file to the Court of General Jurisdiction on Kentron and Marash administrative areas against Lydian Armenia Company. Baghdasaryan is claiming his right to ownership has been violated and is demanding a new expert opinion on Amulsar project. “The environmental impact assessment opinion issued by RA Nature Protection Ministry doesn’t contain certain provisions on the water flow of Vorotan-Arpa tunnel: how much water reaches Kechout Reservoir, whether this water will be polluted or not? The water flowing through VorotanArpa tunnel will reach Sevan and later Herher, where I won a land area. In Herher land areas are watered with the water from Kechout reservoir. I have concerns that these heavy metals and toxins, which will reach Kechout reservoir, may also reach my orchard in Herher and eliminate all the trees and vegetation there. I have put forward the ground of protecting the right to ownership: “Lydian Armenia” company shall submit a new report, which will contain information on the water flowing Vorotan-Arpa tunnel and formation and impact of acidic rock drainage. The company hasn’t submitted such information explaining they have submitted what they have been requested to submit, while there is no velar procedure of requirements as such. They decide what is permitted and what is not. And I’m telling that the environmental impact expert assessment shall contain this information as well,” Harutyun Baghdasaryan said in his interview to EcoLur. One court hearing has already been held on this case: First of all, Baghdasaryan has filed a motion to temporarily suspend the activities of Lydian Armenia Company till the end of the litigation. His motion has been rejected. The next public hearing has been appointed at 14:10 on 29 November, while at 11:30 on 30 November another court hearing has been appointed, which is also related to Amulsar project – project-impacted Gndevaz residents’ claim to Administrative Court with a demand to annul the permitting documents issued to Amulsar project and to hold new environmental impact expert assessment.

18:34 November 27, 2017


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