Hydrogeologist: If Jermuk Mineral Waters Disturbed, Jermuk Will Disappear

Hydrogeologist: If Jermuk Mineral Waters Disturbed, Jermuk Will Disappear


Amulsar mining can lead to the shift in the whole nature of Jermuk mineral waters mine, as Ruben Yadoyan thinks, a hydrogeologist and Director of ‘Engineer-Geologist’ Company. “The mine explosions will generate shakes and each shake will cause new cracks and shift in the direction of mineral waters. The natural system of the mine will be changed. If the mineral waters of Jermuk are disturbed, Jermuk will disappear,” Ruben Yadoyan said and added that Lake Sevan is also endangered, besides Jermuk.

‘The crime with Ararat Valley took place, now they will endanger Sevan with this mine. During Amulsar mining Vorotan tunnel will be filled with waters of new quality, which will then flow to Kechout reservoir and to Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan tunnel. The composition of Lake Sevan water will be changed…Who will supervise what kind of toxic metals will be dumped there,’ the geologist said.

‘Let the government gather its money and first of all to recover the artesian basin of Ararat valley,  and not organize formal discussions and rely on people. We should think about the country’s future and maintaining the country…whatever is happening in the country now, makes our heroes’ fight null and void,’ Ruben Yadoyan said.

15:40 June 05, 2014


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