Blooming in Lake Sevan Has Unprecedented Scales: Satellite Images
16:15 July 03, 2019 | Ջուր | Գեղարքունիք
Blooming in Lake Sevan has got unprecedented scales: Ex-Deputy Minister of RA Nature Protection Ministry (currently Environment Ministry) has published the satellite images showing the state of the lake as of 1 July, where
Water Problem in Taronik
16:35 June 06, 2019 | Ջուր | Արմավիր
Taronik Community, Armavir Region, which used to be famous for its water reserves and the ANPP used to carry out water intake here, is currently experiencing drinking and irrigation water problems. Gushing wells have dried out and the water
Acidic Brooklets FLowing in Kapan after Rain: Alarm Signal
12:14 June 03, 2019 | Ջուր | Սյունիք
The yellowish acidic water generating from Kavart derelict mine located at a distance of 1 km from Kapan Town, Syunik Region, rich in heavy and hazardous metals, are flowing into the Voghji River
Problems with Water in Artashar Community
17:35 May 21, 2019 | Ջուր | Արմավիր
The sewage of Armavir and Metsamor Towns getting mixed with the irrigation water in Akhuryan-Araks aqueduct, is used for the irrigation of the agricultural land areas in Artashar


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