Executive Setting New Rules over HPPs
18:48 March 14, 2019 | Ջուր | Երեւան
At the Cabinet meeting on 14 March, the Armenian Government reached a decision to calculate the volume of factually used water in an alternative manner in case there is no water meter in the water intake section of HPPs
Findings of Inspection Held at ZCMC Published
16:48 March 13, 2019 | Ջուր | Սյունիք
Thus, because of the business activities of the company RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Body has estimated damage in the amount of 382,431,552 AMD (three hundred eighty-two million four hundred thirty-one thousand five hundred and fifty-two) caused to the
Lake Sevan Level Started Increasing Slowly
17:43 March 06, 2019 | Ջուր | Գեղարքունիք
The level of Lake Sevan starts increasing slowly. From the lowest level of 1900.37m at the beginning of the year, the lake level has increased by 4 cm as of 6 March 2019 thus reaching 1900.41 m
Who Is In Charge of Cleaning Armavir Canal from Sewage?
15:13 March 05, 2019 | Ջուր | Արմավիր
In reply to EcoLur's alarm signal on the fact of filling the sewage of Baghramyan and Myasnikyan communities into Armavir canal in Armavir Region, Water Committee informed EcoLur that Baghramyan and Myasnikyan communities are not subscribed to 'Veolia Jur' Company and
Meeting Water Demand in Astghadzor Requires Urgent Solution
18:48 March 04, 2019 | Ջուր | Գեղարքունիք
On 1 March, Gegharkounik Regional Head Gnel Sanosyan held a public discussion with the residents of Astghadzor community to determine the priorities of projects demanding an urgent solution
RA Government Dissolving Water Sector PIU
16:35 March 01, 2019 | Ջուր | Երեւան
“Water Sector Projects Implementation Unit” of Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources will stop its operation starting from 1 July 2019


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