Vallex Company Filing a Lawsuit?

Vallex Company Filing a Lawsuit?


“Teghout” CJSC, a part of Vallex Company Group. Intends to file a lawsuit to the court against environmentalist who on 15 January organized a get-to-know demonstration on Teghout project risks on the spot of Teghout Mine. Company's press release says that 'illegal actions (of environmentalists) resulted in disturbing the activities of  “Teghout” CJSC, the company incurred essential damage, which is currently estimated by lawyers.'

EcoLur Blogger Tehmine Yenoqyan stated that demonstration participants didn't interfere in the working regime in Teghout. 'We approached to Teghout territory and saw people with ribbons in their hands who were marking the borders. They also held posters and were very aggressive. Then we left and went up to the mountain from the opposite side, where we could see most of the territory. Then we went down to Teghout Village, where we communicated with the locals,' she said. 

Unprecedented Movement for Armenia

Yeghishe Metsarents,

On January 15, an unprecedented environmental action was held in Armenia for the protection of the forest of Teghut. The action was not populous, only over a couple of hundred people. However, taking into account that this is the first such action in Armenia for the past few years, it was an impressive one. It is necessary to view it in the context of the dynamics of the domestic situation in Armenia.

Hence, it is evident that a visible and significant environmental movement has started which can have a political effect, considering the upcoming elections. This movement is targeted against those groups and clans which combine business and government, carelessly exploiting nature.

A civil action, in terms of values and environmental in content has started in Armenia which in unprecedented by its structure and harmony.

Certainly it would be naïve to state that this movement will be the key to transformation of the future of Armenia. Moreover, in the course of its development and possible political effect, it will encounter fierce rivalry by both the government and the opposition.

Hence, the environmentalists should be ready, not for the political rivalry but for being able to avoid it. By the time the movement becomes more powerful, the government and the opposition will try to impart it with a political content.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid entering into a political discussion and becoming a subject of political rivalry. This issue is already tacitly threatening the environmental movement. The movement needs to be ready for this because some political figures are members of the movement.

On the one hand, they are the strength of the movement, on the other hand, its “weakness” which can help their rivals politicize the movement. Perhaps, it would be right for these people to avoid leading the movement, no matter how big their sincerity and wish to lead the movement and fight is.

Let the representatives of political forces lead the activities of their political force, while the environmental movement needs them just as servants, maximum, as soldiers.

Photos by Tehmine Yenoqyan

15:14 January 16, 2012


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