Teghout: Who Speaking About Abuse
13:21 January 18, 2012 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
It was a protest demonstration in a country where the judiciary, as supposed, performed the order of the executive
Vallex Company Filing a Lawsuit?
15:14 January 16, 2012 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
We approached to Teghout territory and saw people with ribbons in their hands who were marking the borders. They also held posters and were very
Armenia Violated Aarhus Convention
16:37 January 12, 2012 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
Aarhus Committee on Teghut exploitation met the claim of the environmentalists according to which the Republic of Armenia has violated the international commitments for
Lies Detected
14:33 January 11, 2012 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
We learnt that core mining operations, explosions will be launched in Teghout in three months, so
Stripping Explosions to Start in Teghout in 3-4 Months
16:14 December 05, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
Hamlet Titanyan, who supervises mine stripping, thinks that they will reach mine ores after digging about 20-30 meters. Under him, explosions for mine stripping will launch
Serj Tankian: Business and Authorities the Same in Armenia
15:25 August 16, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Երեւան
Serj Tankian supports forest preservation and negatively treats mining, which results in forest felling, environmental pollution, and pollution of rivers and soil. He is well aware of Teghout mine development program and even said
Teghout Copper Mine: On Track to Produce 28,000 Tons a Year
12:35 July 21, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
The Teghout operation will produce about 28,000 tons of copper ore a year. This will be in addition to the 23,000 already produced in Armenia; mostly at the Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine.
Department 6 Launched Examinations: Where is Teghout firewood?
17:27 May 19, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
The Hetq informer form “ArmForest” told “Karast” LLC Head Kamo Shahnazaryan has embezzled 1000 square meters of firewood (costing 10 million AMD) for the firewood of the trees fell down in the frames of Teghout mine development program (Karast” LLC is conducting planned tree felling and processing in the frames of Teghout mine development program).
“Vallex” Group Acquiring Teghout with Parallel Reforesting of Territory
12:50 May 04, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
In the past period roads of main and temporary significances were built in Teghout with a total length of about 65 km, concrete mixer and an appropriate factory for crushing, different warehouses for temporary use, temporary dormitory and five-storey building of the main dormitory, high-voltage power lines with a total length of 25 km were laid through.
Teghut forest ecosystem recovery
13:02 May 03, 2011 | Թեղուտ | Լոռի
In the course of three years since the launch of Teghout project implementation Vallex Group represented by its subsidiaries, ACP and Teghout, made fees in the environmental fund in the amount of 11,985,200 AMD (about 32,400 USD).


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