AEF: "Teghout" CJSC Violently Broke Law


Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) Civic Initiative

Despite the claims made by “Teghout” CJSC administration for many years that there won’t be any pollution of adjacent river basins, it actually happened. The scientific research showed that the quality of Shnogh River water was drastically deteriorating in parallel with the expansion of mining activities during 2009-2015. This fact is also proved by the reports of “Environmental Monitoring and Information Center” SNCO on the chemical quality of the water in the Armenian rivers. According to which the water quality in Shnogh estuary is classified under Category 5, which is of the worst quality.

Photos taken in the evening hours were also provided, which showed how wastewater was flowing from the pipe into the Debed River.

The same violation was recorded by the camera of the journalists from website. These presented facts are completely sufficient for competent and law enforcement bodies to start seriously examining the illegal activities of this company, to detect made violations and impose proper sanctions towards “Teghout” CJSC.

What about further mining of Teghout mine, it must definitely be stopped and the mining company must be obliged to recover the nature and the damage caused to people.

18:32 March 06, 2018


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