Teghut Gas Supply Still on Paper

Teghut Gas Supply Still on Paper


Shnogh and Teghout communities impacted by Teghout Copper and Molybdenum open mine shall be united with Qarkop Community, while Shnogh Community shall be the center: Shnogh is inhabited with 2810 people, Teghout – 769, while Qarkop – 418. A question arises: what kind of social responsibility will 'Teghout' CJSC undertake and how it will affect the communities in social, economic and financial viewpoint.

These communities are located near the forest and their socio-economic state is closely related to the forest. Starting with the launch of Teghout mining project, the residents have deprived of any opportunities to make use of the forest goods – fuelwood, wild berries and resorts... The residents are not entitled to buy fuelwood from the company, but only 'ArmForest' SNCO.

Teghout community has no gas supply, while Shnogh has a partial gas supply. Under the conditions of gas absence, Teghout community solves its heating problem through firewood. One family uses, on average, 15-17 m3 fuelwood annually.

Our villagers mainly don't bring fuelwood from the area of 'Teghout' CJSC, we can't enter the area of the company and take our 8 m3 fallen deadwood,'Teghout Community Head Frunze Norikyan said in his interview with EcoLur.

The communities need gas supply, 'Shnogh has gas, but the pipe joining the general gas pipeline is too thin. The pressure is not enough for the gas to reach Teghout. We have already raised this question and 'Teghout' CJSC' has ordered a project to 'Lernametallurgia Institute' to design how the gas pipeline will run from Mets Ayrum to us through Qarkop Village. The project was designed in 2004-2005 and is left on the paper. In 2014 when it was the grand opening of 'Teghout' CJSC', we again raised this topic and Valery Mejlumyan (President of 'Vallex' Group Company and General Manager of 'Teghout' CJSC', promised to cover 50% of the costs: the project implementation will cost around 400 million AMD.)
At the public hearings held on 24 August, Teghout community residents raised the problem of the gas supply, 'We do ask you to focus on the gas supply in Teghout. If it's possible to support this project, please, do it for the village to have a gas supply,' Teghout resident Anahit Amirjanyan said. 'Teghout' CJSC' didn't give any new promise in this regard.

16:54 August 30, 2017


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