Minutes of Meeting of “Teghout” CJSC with Impacted Community Residents (Photos)

Minutes of Meeting of “Teghout” CJSC with Impacted Community Residents  (Photos)


On 14 July the meeting organized by “Teghout” CJSC was held with Shnogh and Teghout communities. “Teghout” CJSC Environmental Department Head Suren Yeritsyan presented their works carried out in the first half of 2016.

Inga Zarafyan, “EcoLur” NGO President: As it’s known, inspections are banned in the companies under PM’s order. If monitoring is not carried out, who will calculate this damage, how we will get these results, who shall they submitted to and who shall draw up acts, assess damage and give compensation?

S. Yeritsyan: Monitoring is carried out and results are certainly available. Based on them, the impact on villagers’ fields (left unfinished).

V. Avagyan: The answer to this question is negative: at this moment we can’t answer any question in regard with damage assessment. The company performs and will perform all its obligations as set by the Armenian legislation.

Gagik Tamazyan, Shnogh villager: Three years ago I raised the problem of water and Rubik Papoyan said that sediment traps were being built and experimented. Whether experimenting is in progress or are they over?

S. Yeritsyan: Sediment traps normally work.

G. Tamazyan: Let’s go to the river to have a look.

S. Yeritsyan: Let’s have a look… the sediment traps mentioned by Mr. Rubik relate to gravel chippings cleaning section, while what you said probable relates to Mrs. Paremouzyan’s question.

G. Tamazyan: What I said related to the river in general. It doesn’t matter whether it was polluted with gravel chippings or the tailing dump. Concrete-colored tail leaks are dumped into the river every day or at least every other day. I regularly take analyses and will continue taking them, if needed, I will present and prove that emissions existed, exist and will exist. Are the sediment traps working?

V. Avagyan: The sediment traps in gravel chippings washing section are working.

G. Tamazyan: So tails won’t be dumped any longer? During one year tail leaks occur every day or at least once 2-3 days.

V. Avagyan: I would be happy to say it will be excluded, but I can’t take into consideration the sad incident.

G. Tamazyan: The accident is being repaired now within one year? I have followed this water for one year.

V. Avagyan: These are not tails, but emissions from secondary purification basin, which may contain certain amounts.

S. Yeritsyan:  Reforestation works are carried out as planned. So fat 570 ha forest has been planted in different communities, both in “ArmForest” and other land areas.

Hovhannes Sahakyan, Shnogh Community Head: They are currently working in the area called Baziq: so far they have planted 67 ha, predominantly in Teghout. Nevertheless, the works have been carried out with serious drawbacks and ineffectively.

S. Yeritsyan: The trees in 17 ha have got dried. We had litigations with the forest developer and we already have arrangements with another forest developer to recover these 17 ha. Mr. Avagyan, when I listen to you, I have the feeling no one has spoken so nicely about our nature than you about our destroyed nature. You speak very nicely, nevertheless, the river is polluted regularly. Please, tell us what are your measures to exclude water pollution in Shnogh, as this water can’t be used any more?

V. Avagyan: The capacities of the circulating pumping station are equipped with a new aggregate and it gives us hopes that in future the company won’t have any need to carry out preventative measures.

V. Vardanyan: Let’s say it refers to the tailing dump, but “Teghout” CJSC is operating in the whole area: soil is opened and it’s filled into the river and you don’t have sediment trapping systems here: I speak about Duqanadzor.

H. Sahakyan, Shnogh Community Head: This problem has been raised for over two years. Children and women can’t enter a whole neighborhood. There was a bridge constructed, then a tree fell down onto the bridge and destroyed it. It’s a disastrous situation there. There are only promises, no actions.

V. Avagyan: Unfortunately, we have to admit that the company is now in such a financial stage that it can’t afford anything it wants for the communities and the company can’t do everything, which is not its obligation in this stage of its financial obligation formulation. This problem is on the agenda and we will prioritize it among problems to be solved, nevertheless, the company can’t afford it now.

During the meeting the residents also expressed their complaints in regard with the redundancy: in his regard, “Teghout” CJSC Human Resources Management Department Head Felix Lazaryan tried to give his explanations.

L. Paremouzyan: How many people have been made redundant this year?

F. Lazaryan: This year around 25 people have been made redundant… People are in the reserve, but it doesn’t mean they will be fired today.


14:15 July 29, 2016


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