Lynching in Teghout: Security Service Uncontrollable?

Lynching in Teghout: Security Service Uncontrollable?


The events in Teghout when the security service staff of Vallex Company violently beat the locals generated public protest: Teghout villagers blocked the road and demanded to bring the offenders to the village. In reply, Vallex Company, Regional Head Arthur Nalbandyan and the law enforcement body representatives stated that the investigation is in progress and people guilty will be punished asked the villages to go back to their houses. And this is what they did. 

Let’s have a look at the facts. People on cars drove to the village, but they were not either eye witnesses or participants of the first incident, when one of the security staff felt insulted by a local villager. They caught and beat also other villagers who didn’t take any part in the first incident. This means that the security service had a lynching in Teghout village. It’s reasonable that another lynching by local villagers over security service was impermissible. However, whether there are any steps taken by the police and prosecutor’s office? Whether people having committed assault and battery have been detained? Or whether the dismissal of two employees of the security service was adequate to what had happened? It more looks like ironing out the incident. 

On 28 March the security service of another mining company, Geopromining Gold, didn’t permit the governmental committee founded by PM Tigran Sargsyan’s order to take photos and videos in Sotq.  The ban was imposed by Geopromining Gold Service Head, who didn’t even introduce himself to the committee members. Besides EcoLur, none of committee members expressed any protest though the committee’s function was to examine the circumstances of the construction of crushing and sorting complex in Sotq for the lawfulness of this complex. 

On April 5 Ararat Security Service of Geopromining Gold Company banned EcoLur to have shooting near the cyanic tailing dump near Ararat, but it called the police. Meanwhile the borders of tailing dump territory were not marked in any way, while the access to this hazardous object was open, and any caution marks were missing. 

Conclusions are as follows: the security services of mining company became a state within a state and set out their own rules. The official bodies, such as the government, local administrations and law enforcement bodies are supporting them in this regard. 

16:14 April 18, 2012


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