Armenia Violated Aarhus Convention

Armenia Violated Aarhus Convention

Aarhus Committee on Teghut exploitation met the claim of the environmentalists according to which the Republic of Armenia has violated the international commitments for Aarhus Convention by the decision on the exploitation of the mine in Teghut, said Lawyer Hayk Alumyan.

The lawyer noted that the Aarhus Convention defends public interests and those countries which signed the Aarhus convention must observe its provisions.

Aarhus ruled that two of the three main parts of the Convention have been violated. The society was not informed about the planned actions and decisions, as well as it did not participate in the decision making process.

The lawyer says before the Aarhus decision the Court of Cassation instructed the Court of First Instance to consider the issue but after the Aarhus decision the Court of Cassation made another contradictory decision according to which they cannot consider the issue.

MP Zaruhi Postanjyan says there is the document on the relevant decision of the Aarhus committee which the authorities must fulfill.

Teghut mine is exploited by ACP Company which is related to Vallex Group and its owner Valeri Mezhlumyan.

16:37 January 12, 2012


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