Armenian President on Teghout Combine

Armenian President on Teghout Combine


On 20 October President Serzh Sargsyan held a consultation with Lori’s Regional Head and the Regional Municipality staff to discuss the socio-economic situation in Lori Rgion for 2014 and the first half of 2015, as well as to talk about the existing problems and the development programs. At the consultation he particularly said, “It is natural that today Teghut Combine is the leader of the regional economy, and it has a big positive impact not only on the regional economy, but also on the republic’s entire economy. Today we can surely state that Teghut is an enterprise that have set a new system. The combine has already stimulated establishment of small and medium enterprises, and the number of those enterprises is gradually growing. I would just urge the regional administration to work closely with the combine to address not only economic, but also social and ecological issues.”

EcoLur  would like to mention that Lori Regional Municipality shall pay serious attention to the alarm signals on social and environmental problems beaten by the civil society. Particularly, Teghut copper and molybdenum mining project made the problem with water worse in Teghut and Shnogh communities and the pollution of atmospheric air with heavy metals has increased, the villagers who are not employed at “Teghut” CJSC, are left with nothing as they have lost their agricultural land areas while the new forest planted instead of the old one hasn’t grown up because of absence of care. 

14:53 October 21, 2015


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