Teghout CJSC Declaring about Incurring Essential Damage

Teghout CJSC Declaring about Incurring Essential Damage
Teghout CJSC is declaring about incurring essential damage from the Shnogh and Teghout Villagers. The press release disseminated by the company says that 'a group of villagers from Teghout and Shnogh Villages blocked the road on 4 July leading to Teghout Mine, thus violating the working regime at the enterprise.’
Teghout CJSC gave explanations in regard with regulating the villagers' access to the pastures. And the agreement was reached by the midday,' the press release said.
Reminder: the villagers 'undertook this measure as they got deprived of the access to their pastures and noted that the company hadn't performed their obligations and didn't construct a bypass highway, but blocked the only road.'

12:26 July 09, 2013


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