Charity Concert in Support of Teghout Residents and Needy Families

Charity Concert in Support of Teghout Residents and Needy Families


On April 22 singer and musician Lilit Ter Vardanyan and her friends, Karine Ionesyan, Anahit Evoyan organized a charity concert at 12 Club, and the part of the profit was spent on buying fruit conserves prepared by Teghout villagers, Lori Region, and distributed to needy families.

“I try to help villagers with my help in practice. This is the first charity concert, but not the last one. I plan to organize other concerts for other regions of Armenia. I call for people to attempt to change something in our lives. We will start acting now and then we will present our actions; this refers to all fields,” told Lilit to EcoLur.

Teghout Support civic initiative assisted in acquiring fruit conserves by transporting them from the village. By the way, you can find the fruit conserves at the club as well – walnut, pumpkin and quinces. The fruit preserves were sent by the villagers, where five women set up this effort with joint efforts. The aim is to develop green economy in the community, and eventually, to stop the evil of mining,” said Teghout Support civic initiative member Ani Kaghinyan. Under her, people should be advocated for them to understand that mining is short-term, while green economy is permanent.

Reminder: Vallex Company develops Teghout copper and molybdenum mine in Teghout, where the environmentalists continuously beat alarm signals about its negative consequences.

17:04 April 23, 2013


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