Hakob Sanasaryan: Teghout Project Breaking Country Backbone

Hakob Sanasaryan: Teghout Project Breaking Country Backbone


The representatives of the Armenian Government didn't take part in the meeting of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee on 30 March. The statement circulated by Armine Araqelyan, the founder of 'IDHR' NGO mentions this fact. The meeting was participated by other stakeholders, public representatives presented with a group of 4 people – the representatives of self-determined citizens of Armenia and Diaspora. The discussions of Teghout project were organized upon PM Tigran Sargsyan's order on the eve of the committee meeting in Vanadzor. 

'This project breaks the country's backbone and may eliminate the country,' says Hakob Sanasaryan, the Chairman of Greens Union of Armenia, 'Currently it's impossible to reach any agreement through negotiations, as powerful governmental leverages are present, 'about 800 ha of forests are to die only under the tailing dump of Kharatadzor river, in Dukanadzor Gorge, where wastes will be dumped, this forest will also disappear not taken into consideration opencast mine,' Sanasaryan said. 

16:06 April 02, 2012


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