Teghout Village Head: Turks Funding Fight against Teghout?

Teghout Village Head: Turks Funding Fight against Teghout?

Arpine Simonyan, the Aravot

Under Teghout Village Head Samvel Meliksetyan, there are only several environmentalists who are truly concerned with the environmental problems in Teghout, while others “I don’t know who eats grants, but most environmentalists fighting against Teghout development through grants work either by order or are financed by an Armenian oligarch or, even not excluded, by Azerbaijani and Turkish sources.”

Environmentalist Hakob Sanasaryan contradicted to the village head, “The problem of Teghout refers not only to Teghout resident, but to the citizens of Armenia. What about receiving environmental grants or being dictated from outside, a person speaks about that who has no idea what Teghout project is, what kind of losses Armenia may incur, if this mine is exploited. The project is planned for 28 years, the plan says 1100 people should be employed, 500 people should be employed in the course of 25 years of operation. However, after 28 years, thousands of jobs will be closed, as this territory can’t be used any longer for agricultural purposes. This is for information to fighting villagers.”

14:19 January 25, 2012


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