"Stopping Amulsar Mining: Making Government Liable for Teghout"

aravot.am, Luiza Suqiasyan

“EcoLur” NGO is highlighting environmental problems and voicing about them for the urgent solution thereto. In her interview with the Aravot.am, Environmentalist Inga Zarafyan – Head of “EcoLur” Informational NGO, mentioned that currently the mining-related problems are a priority. “Currently there are a number of projects to carry out geological prospecting in minefields, which should be frozen. Even in case of large mines, the taxes paid to the state budget make up a low proportion, as it is said the polluters don’t pay taxes properly, while in case of small mines nothing can be expected but damage. The legislation should be improved drastically.”

According to Inga Zarafyan, they demand from the government also to annul Amulsar mining permit, “Risks are real and we demanding to hold a new expert assessment of this mining project so as to reveal those risks and to assess them properly. During the last discussion with Ex Minister Artsvik Minasyan he mentioned that the law doesn’t allow annulling it, as it will be possible only in case of the emergence of new circumstances. We think these circumstances, i.e. new risks are available.” What about Teghout mine, they have a number of demands posed to this mining project, “Mining is carried out with absolute violations polluting the air, water, and forest... We are demanding that the Government should be liable together with the company. The Government should share the liability when it recognized eminent domain.”


13:02 May 17, 2018


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