ECHR Found for Villager Deprived of Land Because of Teghout Mine

ECHR Found for Villager Deprived of Land Because of Teghout Mine

Karine Simonyan,

Teghout resident Serob Osmanyan, Lori Region, will receive 10,000 Euros from the state under the ECHR judgment for improper compensation of his land area recognized as an eminent domain. 10 years ago the village had to give his plough land of 3800 sq. meters under the court ruling to Vallex Company which was going to develop a mine at the expense of the orchards, plough-lands and forests in Teghout and Shnogh and received only 145,000 AMD for his land areas. ‘Only 38 AMD for one square meter,’ Osmanyan recalls.

15 years ago 423 families from Teghout and Shnogh villages were deprived of their property because of the mining. Out of them, 106 villagers didn’t accept the value set with the assessment carried out by ‘Oliver Group’ and refused to give their land areas at insignificant prices. Nevertheless, the property of the villagers eventually became a mine under the name of state and societal needs, one of the victims said, Shnogh resident Levon Alikhanyan who had lost 7.5 ha of land area with its buildings, water pipelines and fences.

The villagers having lost their property have submitted facts to the European Court that the Electrical Networks of Armenia has leased land areas in the immediate vicinity to their land areas and paid 3000 AMD for each square meter.

While the mining company paid only 30-60 AMD for the land areas of the villagers, i.e. 60 times lower. Nine more families are waiting for the judgment of the court.

Their barrister Karen Tumanyan told the Azatutyun that maybe this judgment will serve as a precedent for the other 180 owners of land areas having been deprived of their land areas in favor of Vallex Group under the eminent domain.
Teghout mine was closed around one year ago.

19:29 November 06, 2018


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