Pruning or Tree Felling?

Pruning or Tree Felling?


On 25 October, EcoLur received an alarm signal from the resident living in Paruyr Sevak Street on the tree felling held in the yard of Yerevan Criminal Investigation Department. “I saw from our balcony how a green tree was being felled down. All the stubs of the previously cut down trees were also levelled to the land and covered with soil. I called the hot line of Yerevan Municipality, where I was informed that the felled down tree was rotten and posed a danger, so that’s why the tree had been felled down/ I don’t think that a green and young tree could be rotten. We don’t have that many trees and I really regret about the loss of a good tree,” Yerevan resident said and provided the photos and videos. In regard to the alarm signal, EcoLur has applied to the Criminal Investigation Department, where Advisor to Criminal Investigation Department Head Sona Truzyan informed, “Yerevan Criminal Investigation Department is persistent in the improvement and greening in its area. Over the period of a year and a half since this building has been allotted to the department, around 400 trees and bushes have been planted ensuring their proper care. In parallel, aged trees are taken care by relevant specialists, who conducted pruning works to ensure the normal growth of the trees. No tree felling has been carried out. We are inviting the alarm beater to come to the area and to get acquainted with the greening works performed on the spot.”

18:07 October 27, 2017


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