Lake Sevan Has Negative Balance

Lake Sevan Has Negative Balance


As of 19 September, Lake Sevan has a negative balance. As compared with the same day of the last year – 1900.58 m, the level of Lake Sevan has decreased by 2 cm and makes up 1900.56 m, which is lower by 35 cm as compared with the highest level of Lake Sevan in June – 1900.91 m. The lake level started decreasing because of the water outlets from Sevan. Reminder: This year 270 million cum water intake has been carried out instead of statutory-set 170 million cum water.

The authors of the bill on the additional water outlet out of Lake Sevan assured that the lake will decrease by only 8 cm, in the case of which around 10 cm of higher level will be ensured as compared with the indicator for the last year, as a result of the water outlet implemented for the irrigation purposes.' 

According to the official springs, the water intake from Lake Sevan has been stopped, this year a total of 270 million cum water will be let out instead of 266.757 million cum water this year.
Whereas according to the expert estimates, around 455 million cum water has been taken out of Lake Sevan, which was estimated given the formula that one centimeter is equal to 13 million cum water (the principle of the calculation is done according to Georgi Gevorgyan's formula,

16:39 September 19, 2017


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