SHPP Turned Meghradzor Waterfall into Small Brooklet

SHPP Turned Meghradzor Waterfall into Small Brooklet


The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has received an alarm signal that Meghradzor waterfall in Kotayk Region, which used to be a full-water one, has turned into a brooklet because of the SHPP. “Our cyclist friends informed that on 23 June 2013 they went to enjoy the full-water waterfall in Meghradzor, Kotayk Region. But when they reached their destination, they saw only a brooklet instead of the waterfall. They went up the river to find the cause and saw a SHPP constructed there. When they reached the water intake point of SHPP they saw how it swallowed the whole water into the pipe, so that not even a iota of water is left for the nature. When you will watch the video, you can get convinced that there is no environmental flow and fish way at all, while the river is dried out completely. Again we can eye witness such a disastrous situation, which is the result of developers’ greediness and absence of environmental control. We can also understand that the problems caused by SHPPs need systematic solutions and this field needs urgent development of scientifically substantiated ecosystem and socio-economic standards. We call for the Armenian Government to take urgent measures to develop these standards and to stop the construction of new SHPPs till then. We are passing this alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry and urging them to take the proper measures,’ The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front informs.

Videos and photos by Samvel Hovhannisyan

12:40 July 15, 2013


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