Very Soon! Public Court on Environmental Crimes

Very Soon! Public Court on Environmental Crimes


The public is beating an S.O.S. S.O.S, S.O.S!!! Environmental crimes being committed mustn't be left unpunished. Our natural environment is being destroyed because of the overexploitation of the natural resources – water, mines, and forests, bringing profit to a small group of people which have leverages in the authorities. Court practice has a non-adequate response to the alarms not defining responsibility for environmental violations and crimes. Public reached a decision long ago: environmental crimes mustn't remain unpunished.

Soon, very soon!!!

The public undertakes this work – to determine the extent of liability for an environmental crime and to reach a verdict in a Public Court. The alarm signal received via EcoLur's hotline will be examined by the experts to reach a verdict to what extent the alam signal complies with the qualities of an environmental crime. If it does, the case will be handed to a public prosecutor, which will present it at a public court. The defendant will have an opportunity to protect their interests, if refused, they will have a public defender appointed with professional barrister's track record.

The hearings of the public court will be open door and the verdict will be publicised. The members of the public court are known: the Chair of Public court is Nazeli Vardanyan, an environmental lawyer, Director of 'Forests of Armenia' NGO. Members of Public Court are Hranush Kharatyan, President of 'Hazarashen' NGO, Gayane Abrahamyan, Director of 'For Equal Rights' NGO. Public prosecutor is Levon Galstyan, a member of Armenian Environmental Front public initiative. The expert of the first case on overexploitation of Ararat Valley groundwater resources having led to an environmental disaster is Lusine Taslakyan.

19:19 November 12, 2018


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