Whether "ArmOil" Oil Processing Plant Risks for Life and Health Studied?: Inquiry to MES



EcoLur has sent an inquiry to Ministry for Emergency States in the risks of oil-processing plant constructed by 'ArmOil' CJSC in Yeghvard Town, Kotayk Region. The inquiry says, 'Recently 'EcoLur' has received an alarm signal from the residents of 'Nati' neighborhood, Yeghvard Community, Kotayq Region, about the risks of the oil-processing plant constructed by 'ArmOil' CJSC at a distance of around 20 meters from their houses mentioning about the fire and explosion probabilities, emission of toxic substances hazardous for human health and environment, health. They said they had applied to RA Ministry for Emergency States, afterwards the ministry employees visited the plant, but they were not informed about the results of their visit. We would like to ask to inform us as follows:

1. Whether 'ArmOil' Company has submitted the plant projects to MES for the conclusion of State Inspection of Fire and Technical Security of MES, if yes, please, provide us with the copy of this conclusion.
2. Whether MES has studied the risks of this hazardous object constructed by 'ArmOil' Company for the life and health of the local population based on the alarm signal beaten by Yeghvard residents. If yes, please, present the outcomes of the studies.

3. Whether the plant is being constructed in accordance with the standards preventing emergencies and whether it is located at a relevant distance from residential houses, orchards, and roads.

4. Whether MES has organized the state impact assessment of this object, which can be a probable cause of emergencies. If yes, please, present the results.

5. Whether MES has studies the permits of interested state bodies for the construction of the plant. If yes, please, present the results.'

12:04 June 29, 2018


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