Environment Ministry Proposing To Permit Industrial Fishing of Whitefish

Environment Ministry Proposing To Permit Industrial Fishing of Whitefish


RA Environment Ministry proposes to allow the industrial fishing of whitefish in Lake Sevan. The implementation of industrial fishing will be unlimited in case of carp, in case of whitefish - 200 tons is the maximum quantity. In addition to whitefish and carp, other species will continue to be banned.

Hunting of whitefish will be possible only during daylight hours throughout the Greater Sevan Territory, at least 500 m from the shore, through fishing nets. It is possible to catch fish weighing 500 grams and more.

The Institute of Hydrology and Ichthyology of NAS RA was also involved in the development of the draft law. Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director of the Scientific Center of Zoology and Hydroecology of NAS RA, told EcoLur. “There has been a ban on hunting for about 5-6 years, but it is not enough, the fish stocks have decreased a lot.”

Bardukh Gabrielyan considers that one of the risks of the draft law is that if the draft law is adopted, people engaged in illegal production of whitefish will benefit.

According to Bardukh Gabrielyan, in 2019 relatively small fish stocks were registered in Lake Sevan compared to 2018. The whole fish stock of Lake Sevan in 2019. The industrial reserve of whitefish was estimated at 660 tons, and that of trout at 1-1.5 tons. This is due to uncontrolled fishing.

22:19 April 09, 2020


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