Around 574 Business Entities Operating without Water Permit in Armenia

Around 574 Business Entities Operating without Water Permit in Armenia


Around 574 business entities in Armenia are operating without water usage permits in Armenia, as RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan reported to RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan at the consultation held on the groundwater resources in Ararat Valley.

Khachik Hakobyan presented that around 205 drilled wells stopped operating as a result of overexploitation of water resources. As of 2016, some groups of springs providing water to Sevjur River, one of the most waterful rivers in Armenia, have disappeared leading to the significant reduction of supplying water to Sevjur River. The surface of Akna Lake and its natural yield have essentially reduced. In 2013-2014 the irrigation of over 8000 ha in 29 communities was endangered.

In 2014 more water was let out from Lake Sevan than it was designed by law. Since 2014 up to now 56 wells were liquidated in Ararat Valley, 63 were conserved and 330 wells were brought to valve regime, as a result of which the amount of saved water amount made up 908.5 million m3.
'We shall present a very harsh and specific plan of actions and we strictly estimate the limit which shall be spent on the fish, we shall make approbations with entities dealing with fish business. If water is stolen, it shall be prevented, and what about tariffs, if these figures are correct, harsh prices shall be set close to logic. From now on everybody must perform their functions in the strictest manner,' the Prime Minister said.

17:19 January 23, 2017


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