Budget of Environment Ministry for 2020 To Exceed Budget for 2019 by 111 Million AMD

Budget of Environment Ministry for 2020 To Exceed Budget for 2019 by 111 Million AMD


The 2020 budget of the Ministry of Environment will be 111 million drams more than the budget for 2019. The state budget project envisages allocation of 6,842.3 million drams. "There is a difference of about AMD 111 million as ane increase," RA Minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan said during the October 29 discussion of the draft state budget at the National Assembly.

What will the money be spent on?

1,842.9 million drams (without equipment costs) to be allocated for “Forest Management” project.

AMD 317.6 million for “Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring” project

• 45.25 million AMD of this amount will be earmarked for “Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise” event. It should be noted that the Armenian government has allocated $ 396,000 from the state budget reserve fund to ELARD company in Lebanon for Amulsar project - 188,496,000 drams, which is four times higher than the state annual financial allocation for environmental expertise.

AMD 2,736.7 million for Management and Conservation of Specially Protected Areas and Natural Resources

• A grant of 1.321.2 million drams will be provided by the German Development Bank (KFW) for the implementation of “Support to Protected Areas of Caucasus” project. Armenia co-finances 264.2 million drams. The implementation of the project should contribute to the creation of a biosphere area in Syunik Region.

• 117.06 million AMD will be allocated for the clearance of 85.0 hectares of watercourses around Lake Sevan, 7.6 million of which will be used for the registration of fish and crab resources in Lake Sevan and its catchment.

10:00 November 06, 2019


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