Nature Protection Ministry Issued Negative Opinion to Mining Projects

Nature Protection Ministry Issued Negative Opinion to Mining Projects

The environmental expertise of Nature Protection Ministry turned down three mining projects submitted for the opinion of the environmental expertise. One of them is the project from “Mego Gold” Company on the construction of the gold extracting plant in Meliq Village, Aragatsotn Region. The second is the project from “Gegamet Plus” LLC on Shorzha silicate and chromite mine development. The third project is on ‘Forest’ section of Voghjaberd andezite – basalt mine development submitted by “Vardenis Qarhanqi Varchutyub” OJSC. Besides, the expertise has returned the documents of Meghradzor Gold Company on the construction project of a cyanic plant in Meghradzor Village, Kotayk Region. This information is circulated by Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia.
Reminder: “EcoLur” Informational NGO took part in the public discussions on the projects submitted by “Meghradzor Gold”, “Mego Gold” and “Gegamet Plus” companies. The EcoLur’s opinion filed to Nature Protection Ministry in regard with the construction of the tailing dump the incompliance to the data on the composition of tails, absence of data about the state of two operating tailing dumps, absence of information about planned mine development and gold extracting plant.
EcoLur’s opinion on the construction project of a cyanic plant says that the project may cause irreversible damage to Tsaghkadzor – Meghradzor-Hanqavan resort zone. Meghradzor mine has elements of high-class hazard, such as arsenic, mercury, bismuth and lead. The risks for Marmarik river will increase several times through its Meghradzor tributary.
EcoLur has sent an opinion on Shorzha mine development, which particularly says, “Ore processing is carried out 2-3 km far from Lake Sevan thus violating Article 10 of RA Law “On Lake Sevan”. The project also doesn’t reflect the requirements of RA Law “On Environmental Impact Expert Assessment”, which refers to the impact on health, biodiversity and the most importantly, Lake Sevan ecosystem.


15:01 May 07, 2013


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