Armenian National Congress Joined SOS Mets Ayrum Campaign

Armenian National Congress Joined SOS Mets Ayrum Campaign


National Assembly “Armenian National Congress” Faction Head Levon Zurabyan replied to the letter addressed by Mets Ayrum community residents, as website informs. The reply particularly says, “The Armenian National Congress together with its faction, the Standing Committee on Economy and Environment and other field-related specialists is studying the problem in profound and detailed manner, and has demanded from competent governmental bodies to provide information. Within short time limits we will inform you about measures to be taken.

We would like to inform you that under Articles 10.1 and 33.1 of RA Law on “Local Self-Government”, within the rights prescribed for community residents, the head and Aldermen’s Council of the community shall make community residents participants in decision-making process on issues relating to environment, planned changes in living environment and activities of the communities before starting the assessment of environmental impact of any project. Therefore, you can full enjoy your statutory rights in your relations with the community administration.

We will support you in your initiative and take measures to protect agricultural land areas in Mets Ayrum Community and to find a proper solution to this problem.”

17:11 April 09, 2015


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