To Annul Opinion on Amulsar EIA Issued in 2016: Application to Minister

To Annul Opinion on Amulsar EIA Issued in 2016: Application to Minister

Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative

The Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative has today applied to Environment Minister Erik Grigoryan. Below is the content of the application:“The final report of the investigation ordered by the RA Investigative Committee on the Amulsar case, available on the following webpage of the Investigative Committee's official website ( must be reviewed by your ministry and assessed for compatibility with the RA environmental and other legislation.It should be noted that Lydian has presented to the public and the Armenian government completely opposite facts for years noting: “The Amulsar tectonic block is independent not only of its geological structure but also of its hydro-geological features. Hydrogeological regime of the block is also independent. It has no relation to the freshwater basins of the surrounding areas and has no impact on their hydrogeological conditions and groundwater regimes and chemical composition during mine operation."These assertions are also clearly stated in the examinations of ELARD and American “TRC” companies (pages 34-35), “The project site is located in the Amulsar tectonic block (ATB), a central autonomous tectonic block consisting of an Eocene-Oligocene volcanic dome, and the ATB is located between the Arpa, Vorotan and Darb rivers. They say that the ATB is not related to adjacent areas and the mine cannot affect the hydrogeology and water quality of adjacent areas to the ATB, including mineral and freshwater sources, in particular the Jermuk mineral springs. These facts mean that on April 29, 2016, following the environmental impact assessment BP 35 issued to Amulsar Gold Quartzite Mining Complex Modified Project, new environmental factors have emerged, on the basis of which the Ministry is required to revoke it. Please, fulfill this simple obligation vested on you by law.”

18:54 August 20, 2019


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