Gold Extracting Factory Illegally Constructed in Meghradzor?

Gold Extracting Factory Illegally Constructed in Meghradzor?


“According to reliable but not official data, a gold extracting plant is illegally being constructed, and as villagers say this plant will operate not with cyanоgen, but carbamide not having any permission for either,” “Environmental Academy” NGO president Greta Gabrielyan is beating an alarm signal.
Reminder: “Meghradzor Gold” LLC, the developer of Meghradzor gold mine in Kotayk Region, intends to construct a gold extracting plant with cyanic technologies in Meghradzor resort zone. But the local population and the environmental public opposed to this project, as it contained high risks for the human health and environment. The Nature Protection Ministry returned the project to the company for amendments and complements. In its turn, “Meghradzor Gold” LLC submitted the amended project of gold recovery plant for the environmental expertise of Nature Protection Ministry, which says that gold extraction should be carried out with thiourine.
It should be mentioned that the construction of the gold extracting plant can be considered as legal, as the Environmental Expertise hasn’t issued a positive opinion to this project, unless public hearings are carried out on the amended project and any environmental expertise opinion is issued.

14:53 June 21, 2013


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