Meghradzor Gold Replaces Cyanide with Thiourea

Meghradzor Gold Replaces Cyanide with Thiourea


Meghradzor Gold Company offers to extract gold from ore using thiourea in its project, which is categorized as hazardous substance – type 2. Daily use of thiourea makes up 2340 kg. The project describes technologies for using this substance. Nevertheless, the following passage in the project attracts attention, “Studies are conducted at the labs of the plant in parallel with the project to replace cyanic technologies with thiourea.”

Meghradzor gold is located in Kotayk region on the left bank of the Marmarik River. The nearest houses in Meghradzor village are located in a distance of 0.5 km from the mine. The territory of Meghradzor is characteristic with high seismicity with a probability of 8-9 magnitude quake. The ore contains Au 80-150 g/t, Ag 200-300 g/t, S 3.0%, Zn0 .3%, Сu 0.12%, Fe 4.0%, Pb 0.3 %.

Industrial waters will be directed to Hrazdan collector, which doesn’t operate so far, under Hrazdan Aarhus Center Coordinator Zhora Arakelyan.

Reminder: the previous project of cyanic extraction of gold received the negative opinion of the environmental expertise.

11:48 June 06, 2013


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