'Meghradzor Gold' Proposing New Way of Extracting Meghradzor Gold

'Meghradzor Gold' Proposing New Way of Extracting Meghradzor Gold


'Meghradzor Gold' LLC intends to extract gold from Meghradzor gold mine with gravitational and flotation methods. The project having been submitted for the environmental expertise is displayed on the official website of Nature Protection Ministry.

The project particularly says, 'The capacity of the ore dressing facility will make up 120,000 tons per year. Under the project, the tails generated from gold extraction will be transferred and stored in Meghradzor mine in underground empty spaces not subject to development. The annual amount of tails will make up 113168 tons according to sold component. The total area of the plant will make up 2.04 ha. The plant will operate 340 days per year, 24 hours a day with 3 shifts, where 45 people will be employed.'

It should be mentioned that gold concentration in the ore of Meghradzor gold mine makes up 2.5-3.0 grams per ton. Reminder: it's the third project of Meghradzor gold extracting plant, which 'Meghradzor Gold' LLC has submitted for environmental expertise.

14:53 February 03, 2014


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