Prime Minister Assigned to Regulate SHPP Sector

Prime Minister Assigned to Regulate SHPP Sector


On 9 March at the meeting of the government Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan made a number of assignments on the regulation of SHPP sector. 'The Republic of Armenia attaching much value to conservatio of environment and increase in investments into renewable energy sector, takes steps to encourage SHPP operation by establishing long-term and logical sale price through attracting loaning funds at low rates etc. Nevertheless, because of legislative, technical and institutional insufficient regulations, SHPPs currently have considerable negative impact on environment, as well as long-term socio-economic developments,' the PM said.
According to the official website of the Armenian Government, Karen Karapetyan assigned Nature Protection Minister to set clear criteria to assess environmental impact of SHPP construction and operation within 2 months for systematic solution to the existing problems.
It has also been assigned to review the governmental resolution on environmental flow N 927-N dated on 30 June 2011 taking into consideration seasonal features of river supply and types of liability to be set for the violation of environmental flow.

In cooperation with Agriculture Ministry and Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, Nature Protection Ministry will specify the list of rivers, where the construction of HPPs is banned based on environmental, agricultural and other features.

In cooperation with the Scientific Center for Hydroecology and Ichtyology of NAS RA and State Committee of Urban Development and National Institute for Standards, the Ministry shall develop standards for the construction of fish passways and height of stairs.

Taking into consideration the international experience, opportunities of introduction of environmental fees for water resources used by SHPPs and their expedient use will be examined.

Karen Karapetyan assigned the Minister for Energetic Infrastructures and Natural Resources to develop additional promotion tools for the construction of SHPPs on irrigation systems and drinking water aqueducts within two months in cooperation with Agriculture Ministry, Nature Protection Ministry, State Revenue Committee and Public Service Regulatory Committee. The committee shall examine term of electricity supply produced by the SHPPs, their volumes and water usage permit term, reveal all existing problems. It has also been assigned to examine opportunities to introduce a system for information transfer in real-time regime at the expense of SHPP developers in the water intake points of all existing SHPPs (if possible, with the attraction of grants), as well as SHPPs in construction process.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

15:11 March 09, 2017


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