SHPP Share in Electricity Production Increased

SHPP Share in Electricity Production Increased

RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources

The share of SHPPs in the production of electricity in Armenia has increased: last year it had accounted around13% of the produced electricity, while this figure exceeded by 4% the figure in 2014. The change in SHPP share of electricity production is related both with the increase in the number of stations, as well as increase in electricity production.

According to Hayk Badalyan, Head of Electricity Department of Staff of Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, 178 SHPP operated in Armenia as of 1 January 2017. Their number had supplemented by 5 during previous year. The aggregate capacity of SHPPs accounted for around 328 MW, which produced around 957 million kph electricity in 2016. The number of SHPP operating in Armenia will continue increasing:

'According to the issued licenses, as of 1 January 2017 another 39 SHPPs are in construction stage with around 74 MW aggregate capacity and 260 million kph annual productivity,' Hayk Badalyan said. According to him, Armenia may attach serious importance to effective and environmentally friendly construction of safe SHPPs considering it one of the most advanced directions in renewable energy.

Reminder: the procedure on establishing new technical requirements on SHPPs is still in progress, which will enable to improve operational conditions and ensure sustainable development of hydropower.

12:56 February 22, 2017


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