RA Nature Protection Ministry's Response to S.O.S Sevan Initiative's Letter Addressed to RA President

RA Nature Protection Ministry's Response to S.O.S Sevan Initiative's Letter Addressed to RA President


RA Nature Protection Ministry has replied to the letter of S.O.S Sevan Initiative addressed to the Armenian President.

Reminder: S.O.S Sevan initiative consisting of 72 organizations have applied to the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, so as he takes measures to call back the bill on the additional water outlet of 100 million cum water of of Lake Sevan, as well as to punish the people in charge of the water losses and having submitted false information underlying the bill. This bill was adopted and currently the water intake from Lake Sevan has reached the additional 100 million cum.

In his reply letter, Head of Staff of RA Nature Protection Ministry H. Hovhannisyan informed, 'In the rationale of the bill the water volumes in the reservoirs have been calculated, as well as water fullness in the rivers, based on which water deficit has been estimated.'
In 2013-2014 the losses in 'Sevan-Hrazdan-Water Intake' CJSC were within the ranges of permissible amounts set for this system, nevertheless, they fluctuated in different years depending on weather conditions.

In 2017 the incomplete fullness of the reservoirs was conditioned with the scarcity of the precipitation in the snow-melting season and drastic increase in the weather, which resulted in having no flow.

In 2001-2017 the increase in the water volume due to the increase in Lake Sevan level was specified in the bill, afterward, the bill was amended and supplemented taking into consideration the specification of the Baltic sea level in January 2011.

At the same time, we would like to inform that the problem of the additional water outlet out of Lake Sevan is in the focus of RA Nature Protection Ministry, State Committee on Water Industry of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, and this process will be strictly supervised. The preservation of Lake Sevan ecosystem is one of the priorities of RA Nature Protection Ministry. Taking into consideration the great public attention to this problem, RA Nature Protection Ministry plans to organize joint discussions with the participation of the stakeholders on the aforementioned problem and on the management of the water resources in Armenia.'

16:46 August 11, 2017


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