Tracing Destroyed Forest 4- Lori (Photos)

Tracing Destroyed Forest 4- Lori (Photos)

Pan-Armenian Environmental Front

As a result of the first field trips carried out in the frames of 'Public Monitoring of Forests' a group of volunteers of the Pan-Armenian Environmental Front civic initiative visited several sections of Dsegh and Yeghegnut forestry enterprises and detected over thousands of illegally cut down trees of different sorts. Around 250-300 of them were freshly cut down, while the rest were dating back from 1 to five years. All the stubs in the forest have a diameter of from 10 to 90 centimeters.

We are calling all the competent officials in charge of this field to go out of their offices and to personally familiarize themselves with the situation of forest in Armenia and to take urgent measures to prevent this uncontrollable tree felling. 


14:17 October 27, 2015


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