Traces of Draft Constitution on Environmental Rights

Traces of Draft Constitution on Environmental Rights

Arthur Grigoryan,  Environmental Lawyer

The constitution prescribes everybody’s right to live in the environment promoting our health and welfare (Article 33.2). It should be mentioned that this provision was supplemented in the text of the Constitution after constitutional reforms in 2005 when in 2001 Armenia ratified a very important environmental convention – Aarhus Convention. In the draft amendments to the Constitution this provision has simply been omitted neglecting undertaken international commitments, i.e. an impermissible regress in human right took place from its presence to its absence.

RIGHT is omitted from the text of the constitution, which generated positive commitment for the governmental bodies to ensure the enforcement of this RIGHT. With this amendment the state factually refuses to perform the international commitments it has undertaken in environmental matter. As a matter of fact, Armenia steps back to perform its biggest international commitment in environmental matters – to ensure public participation in decision-making on environmental matters.

17:44 October 05, 2015


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