Nature Protection Ministry Reply to Reduction of 'Zangezour' Biospheric Complex Borders and Mapping

Nature Protection Ministry Reply to Reduction of 'Zangezour' Biospheric Complex Borders and Mapping


Ex Nature Protection Minister Aram Harutunyan had the governmental resolution 1465 –N dated on establishing “Zangezour” Biospheric Complex on 14.12.2013 adopted through the government. The resolution says that the new protected area has not specified borders, but “supposed” borders. This is definitely a fortuitous event, when a new specially protected area of nature is established with a new status, when the borders are still to be mapped.

On 2 July the Armenian Government adopted resolution 731-N, which reduced the area of “Zangezour” Bioshperic Complex by 630.6541 ha, and the areas were particularly reduced from the areas of “Arevik” National Park and “Zangezour” State Reserve included in “Zangezour” Bioshperic Complex.

 In reply to EcoLur's questions addressed to Nature Protection Ministry (  What are the purposes of reducing the land areas of specially protected areas of nature?  Administrative areas of which villages have the alienated land areas been attached to?  What’s the biodiversity in these areas?  Whether the map of “Zangezour” biospheric complex is ready, including the maps of the specially protected areas of nature it includes – those of “Arevik” National Park and “Zangezour” State Reserve?) Nature Protection Ministry Staff Head Khazhak Aghabekyan sent a letter no. 5/07.2 /53343 dated on 28.08.2015, which particularly says, “Currently the Nature Protection Ministry takes part in KfW funded “Support to Specially Protected Areas of Caucasus-Armnia”, in the frames of whihc it's also planned to map “Zangezour” Bioshperic Complex. We would like to advise that map specification is carried out stage by stage based on many letter-substantiations submited by Syunik Regional Municipality. Based on specified maps changes of target use of land areas shall be carried out in line with statutory procedure, as well as statutory registration of titles. The final map of the national park and sanctuary areas included in “Zangezour” Bioshperic Complex are in specification progress, based on which title registration of land areas will be carried out.'

13:54 September 01, 2015


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