"Qaghtsrashen" Project To Be Implemented At Expense of Drying Azat River and Depriving Garni of Water

"Qaghtsrashen" Project To Be Implemented At Expense of Drying Azat River and Depriving Garni of Water

Sara Petrosyan, Hetq

After the Hetq published its article “Not Enough Water in Azad River to Build World Bank Financed Irrigation Project”, the Chairman of the State Committee on Water Industry ordered to set up a committee on 21 August 2015 for the purpose of “carrying out additional water measurements in the Azat River, including studying water intakes and yields from the Azat River.”

The last measurement in the river had been carried out five days before, on 16 August, and again it fixed continuous decrease in the water amount – 1.30 l/s. The specialists carrying out measurements got finally convinced that after preserving the environmental flow of 850 liters, only 450 l/s water is left in the river, whereas the implementation of “Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system” project is impossible in case of such amounts.

As it turned out the task of the committee members having arrived at Azat gorge on 21 August was not to find out the factual water amount in the river through the measurements, but to record their desirable figures with fraud.

Garni Village also takes its irrigation water from the Azat River. On that day the village irrigation water was stopped from the very morning. During water measurement it was found out the employees of Water Usage Company adjunct to “Irrigation” PIU closed down the irrigation water of the village and filled it into the Azat River, so as the committee members carrying out measurements were able to show sufficient water amount to their heads.

After all this stuff, the administration of “Irrigation” PIU invites for discussion and Water Industry PIU Director Felix Melikyan says and expresses his conviction that “Qaghtsrashen” project is viable and they have already announced competition.

14:54 September 10, 2015


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