R2E2 Going To Draw Up Solar Map of Armenia

R2E2 Going To Draw Up Solar Map of Armenia


In one year Armenia will have a solar map, which will promote developing solar energy in the country. “In January and February we will start implementing solar monitoring and measurements to draw up the solar map of Armenia. The final map will be finalized in one year. Those land areas will be selected, which have best resources to produce electricity and where plants will be constructed,” the director of E2R2 Renewable Energy Fund Director Tamara Babayan said in her interview with EcoLur. According to her, the land areas best suitable for solar energy development are located in Gegharkounik, Syunik and Shirak regions. “The higher the temperature is, the better the plants work. In high latitude the sun is strong, air is clan and light transparency is high. And here the problem is not connected with the sun only. We need to have proper land areas and infrastructures,” Tamara Babayan said.

It should be mentioned that solar map development works will be implemented in the frames of the grant of 40 million USD on expanding renewable energy granted to R2E2.

15:35 October 28, 2015


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