Whether Armenia Can Meet Increasing Water Demand?

Whether Armenia Can Meet Increasing Water Demand?


As compared with 2015 the water demand needed for irrigation will be added by 58.2 million cum in Ararat basin management area in 2021.

If in 2015 290.5 million cum water was spent for this purpose, in 2020 the water intake for irrigation purposes is predicted to make up 348.7 million cum water, as Ararat Basin Management Plan for 2016-2021 says, which was approved by the Armenian Government on 31 March.

Ararat basin management area includes Azat, Vedi, Arpa Rivers, including, Kechout Reservoir -  a part of Lake Sevan drainage basin, Arpa Rver drainage basin up to Kechout Reservoir occupying an area of 3896 km2.

· As of January 2015, the water intake in Ararat basin management area for industrial purposes made up 3.4 million m3. According to the initial scenario of the plan, in 2021 the water intake for industrial purposes will rise by around 62% and will account for 5.5 million m3.

· It’s planned to construct two reservoirs with total 23.1 million m3 capacity.

· In 2021 the water intake for household purposes in Ararat basin management area will increase by around 10% and will account for 41 million m3.

· For fish farming development by 2021 the water use in Arpa river basin is expected to increase by about 3 times reaching 34.86 million m3 from 11.62 million cum, and will reduce in Azat and Vedi river basins up to 25% getting 12.47 million m3 from 16.62 million m3.

· It has been accepted that the water intake for hydroenergetic purposes in Azat river basin won’t be changed by 2021. According to the scenario adopted for Arpa river basin, the water demand for hydroenergy will decrease by 2017 accounting for 536 million m3, then it will remain unchanged. In 2017 the decrease in the water demand for hydroenergy is related with the development of “Arpa-Sevan” tunnel,   in which case the water supply to “Kechout” SHPP from Kechout water reservoir will be stopped. Besides, the decrease in water demand will be conditioned with the introduction of water-saving systems in hydroenergy sector.

The following priority measures will be carried for the efficient management of Ararat basin area:

· Review of water usage conditions set in SHPP water usage permits, including volume and regime of water intake and compliance with environmental requirements.

· Enhancing control and supervision mechanisms over exercising water usage permit conditions, including setting water distribution mechanisms among water users in low-water seasons and optimalization of water use.

· According to the requirements of RA Law “On Specially Protected Areas of Nature”, ensuring preservation of the regime in “Jermuk Hydrological Reserve”.

· Development, adoption and exercise of self-monitoring implementation mechanisms to improve water users’ accountability and replenish factual data on water usage, water discharge and water resource pollution.

· Inclusion of climate change adaptability in community and regional development programs and plans.

· Development and adoption of a concept paper on the introduction of water-saving technologies.

· Determination of zones banning SHPP construction and operation – specially protected areas, forest areas, landslide areas, vulnerable hydrological area.

· Development and introduction of legal, economic and administrative incentive to reduce soil losses.

· Development of method to assess river self-cleaning capacity and its implementation mechanism.

· Determination of requirements to the preservation of water resources in recreation zones.

18:28 April 01, 2016


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