Aram Gabrielyan: "Climate Change Mitigation Processes Shall Promote Socio-Economic Development of Armenia"

Aram Gabrielyan: "Climate Change Mitigation Processes Shall Promote Socio-Economic Development of Armenia"


“The climate change mitigation processes shall not lead to the socio-economic digress, but shall promote the socio-economic development of the Republic of Armenia and it should be based on ecosystem approach,” said Aram Gabrielyan, the UNFCCC National Focal Point, at the fifth meeting of interdepartmental meeting of coordination council on the performance of the requirements and provisions of the UN Convention on Climate Change “Resolution Adopted at 21st Convention of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on Paris Convention and Its Enforcement Perspectives”.

Reminder: In December 2015 the 21st Convention of UNFCCC member countries was held in Paris, where the world leaders reached an agreement to take part in the climate change limitation process with joint efforts. Armenia, as a country not included in the first appendix of the UNFCCC and a developing country, has also undertaken certain obligations.

“From the viewpoint of ecosystem approach, the Republic of Armenia strives to reach neutral emissions of greenhouse gas emissions, which makes up 2.07 tons, according to our estimates. The other approach is as follows: In case of non-exceeding its total emissions quota (633 million tons) set for the period of 2015-2050 Armenia can credit non-utilized reduction to ‘carbon market’, or transfer it to the balance of emissions limitation envisaged for the period of 2050-2100.

He also listed the sectors where the policy of greenhouse gas emission reduction policy and actions shall be carried out, “Energy, urban development, transportation, industrial processes, construction materials and chemical production, waste management, solid household wastes, wastewater, agricultural wastes and soil management and forestry enterprise, forestation, accumulation of organic carbon in the soil,” Aram Gabrielyan said. He outlined the transportation sector, where the emissions make up 35% of the total emissions, which is a big figure and the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions in this sector is a problem hard to solve.

17:46 March 09, 2016


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