London Police Detained 276 Activists of Extinction Rebellion

London Police Detained 276 Activists of Extinction Rebellion


British police seized 276 activists in the protest triggered by Extinction Rebellion in London, as TASS reports, making a reference to the press release disseminated by the Scotland Evening Press Service. "As of 18:15 pm (20:15 pm), there were 276 activists detained in the protest demonstration triggered by Extinction Rebellion in London," the police said.

On Monday, a number of protest demonstrations have taken place in the historic district of Westminster, where the British Parliament and many ministries are located, and such heads of the residences of the government. The Westminster Bridge and traffic entrances to the Trafalgar Square, Victoria Road and Whitehall Street are blocked. The protestors are holding pickets in front of the governmental buildings and intend to continue the protest demonstrations with the participation of thousands of people.


14:07 October 08, 2019


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