Alarm Signal: Who and Where Take Soil Fertile Layers? (Photos)

Alarm Signal: Who and Where Take Soil Fertile Layers? (Photos)


On 9 September 2015 EcoLur’s camera fixed in the neighborhood of Miraq Village, Aragatsotn Region, how the heavy machinery takes away the fertile layer of the soil.

Soil is the main reserve of the nature, which serves as a basis for the production of agricultural products. Currently gradual decrease in the best properties of soil, area desertification and soil degradation is recorded in Armenia. The estimates show that 48.8% (14519 km2) of the soil in Armenia is in the process of desertification.

EcoLur transfers the alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry and addresses the following questions: whether the Ministry is aware who takes off the fertile layer and where, whether there are legal grounds for the transfer of the fertile layer of the soil, what measures the ministry takes for the conservation of soil resources.


15:08 September 15, 2015


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