Resort Business in Jermuk Vs. Amoulsar Project

Resort Business in Jermuk Vs. Amoulsar Project


EcoLur presents the second issue of “Jermuk and Amoulsar Project” cycle based on “Amoulsar Project Impact on Jermuk Resort” conference materials. The conference was held in Jermuk Town on 13 March. This issue presents the position of the business engaged with resort sector in Jermuk and production of “Jermuk” mineral water.   

Among speakers is Stepan Avagyan, Director of “Jermul’s World” resort house, Hakob Hakobyan – director of “Mother and Child” resort house, Hasmik Sargsyan – a doctor at “Armenia” sanatorium, geodesist Romik Abrahamyan and Husik Hambaryan – Laboratory Head at “Jermuk Group” Company. “We export our production to 18 countries, and not only “Jermuk” mineral water, but also “Byuregh” spring water.” They are located at different heights; Byuregh is higher, while Jermuk is lower. In case of any shakes, these springs may get mixed up and change their natural composition. We also don’t have any guarantees that this mine won’t be exposed to explosions, which will bring to the disaapearance of the springs,” Husik Hambaryan said. 

“Who will come to Jermuk to get treatment, if they learn there is a mine nearby?... People come here for ecologically clean products…People pasture cattle near Amoulsar, place bee hives there, if a mine is to be developed there, all the pollutants will get into products… Even milk production was not permitted in a radius of 50 km, but now a mine near us? This is impermissible…” business representatives hold such opinions. Watch more details in the video material.

18:15 March 20, 2012


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