RA Law “On Preservation of Atmospheric Air” –NOT ENFORCED

RA Law “On Preservation of Atmospheric Air” –NOT ENFORCED


The RA Law “On Preservation of Atmospheric Air” is not enforced. On October 4 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan signed the law on making amendments and supplements in RA Law “On Preservation of Atmospheric Air” passed by the National Assembly of Armenia. This law prohibits burning down vegetation remainders and territories with dry vegetation, pastures and meadows, and agricultural refuses. The aim of this ban is to reduce emission of toxic substances into atmosphere formed due to burning, as well reducing risks of wide-scale fires. EcoLur has fixed this law is not enforced. When visiting Lori Region on 5 November, smoke was rising almost from all settlement located along Yerevan-Lori highway. People burn down not only grass, but also household garbage, as there is no garbage collection held.  

There are questions arising to competent official bodies, Nature Protection Ministry, health Ministry, Territorial Administration Ministry and Agriculture Ministry, for example, who should explain villagers they break the law, who follows the enforcement of this law, who is responsible for garbage collection, and finally, how long to wait in order not to get choked with smoke and soot, but to breathe in fresh air.

15:19 November 11, 2011


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