SHPP on Tsav River (2014)

Tsav River

Risk Level: 1

Parameter Data Level
Sruface discharge volume in river section %, water 17.6481 1

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Over 17% Tsav River Piped


The Tsav River flows in Syunik Region, it’s the subsidiary of the Khachi River. It rises from the south-west slopes of the Khoustoup Mount and joins the Khachi River 2.5 km north-east from Nerqin Hand Village. Its length is 27 km.

As of 1 January 2014, under the licenses issued by Public Services Regulatory Committee and the main indicators of small hydro power plants operated by hydropower companies, “Tsav” SHPP is constructed on this river, which is operated by “LESOMA” LLC, derivation length – 4765 meters.

The SHPP pipes a total river area of 4765 meters, which makes up 17.648148% of the river.

Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, this indicator is within standards.

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