Kapan copper deposit (2011)

Kapan copper deposit

Risk Level: 3

Parameter Data Level
Cu, mg/kg soil 15512 3
S, mg/kg, soil 80221 3

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Kapan Copper Mine Hazard - Category 3


As of 01.01.2007, the remaining reserves of Kapan copper mine made up as follows: ore - 18798 thousand tons, copper – 291.6 thousand tons (average concentration – 1.55%), gold – 1777 kg (average concentration – 0.0945 g/t), silver – 90.5 tons (average concentration – 8.02%, out of which 1.55% is connected with copper mineralization and 6.5% - pyrite mineralization). The amount of pyrite ore made up 2,443,690 tons.

The mine is located in the northern part of Kapan town, on the left bank of the Voghji River. Since 2007 the mine hasn’t been developed by “Deno Gold Mining” Company, which owns Kapan copper mine.

These data are taken from the book by Hrachya Avagyan, Chief Specialist at the Institute of Economics of NAS RA, Dr in Geological Sciences, entitled “Ways and Prospects of Mining and Metallurgical Industries in the Republic of Armenia” (Yerevan 2011, “Gitutyun” Publishing House, Institute of Economics of NAS RA).

Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, the mine hazard category is 3, i.e. causes disastrous condition to human health and environment due to the excessive concentrations of copper and sulfur.

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