Estuary of Hrazdan River (2012)

Estuary of Hrazdan River

Risk Level: 3

Parameter Data Level
NO2, mgN/l water 0.057 1
NH4, mgN/l water 1.14 1
Mn, mkg/l water 175 1
AL, mkg/l water 3588 2
Cr, mkg/l water 880 3

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Excessive Chromium Concentration Caused Disastrous Condition in Hrazdan River Estuary


The excessive concentration of chromium caused disastrous condition in the estuary of the Hrazdan River. Under the annual report by “Environmental Impact Monitoring Center” SNCO for 2012, the average annual concentration of aluminum in Hrazdan estuary exceeded MPC up to 89.7 times, chromium – 17.6, nitrite ion and ammonium ion – 5.7, and manganese – 3.5.  The concentration of aluminum in the estuary made up 3588 mcg/l, chromium – 880 mcg/l, nitrite ion - 0.057 mgN/l, ammonium ion - 1.14 mgN/l, manganese - 175 mcg/l.

The disastrous condition in Hrazdan estuary caused by excessive chromium concentration has been detected with EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model.

Another Alarm Signal about Dumping Waste Water to Hrazdan River

Nature Protection Ministry Recognized “Yerevan Jur” CJSC Responsible Party for Industrial Dumps into Hrazdan River

Risk Analysis


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